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An elite community of 100 established CEOs
rising to a new realm of life and leadership.

Weekly. ​And in only twenty minutes.

You’ve received the accolades, thumbs-ups, and praises.

The market highly validates your products and services.

You know how to care for your clients and employees.

Well done! You’re succeeding at the CEO game.

Yet, your heart yearns for freedom and expansion. And you seek newness—a deeper exploration of your being, of what you are truly capable of doing and creating in the world.

Joining The Wellspring is free.
Yet every CEO participates like they invested $100,000

At your level, you know that your next success won't come from chasing higher summits. It will come from within. From peeling back the layers of your ego one after the other. And getting closer to your magnificence.
The CEOs in The Wellspring play a game I call the 1° difference: tapping into that one thought, one idea, one vision that alters the course of everything else. We touch on everything from; navigating success, increasing personal effectiveness, finding resiliency, managing change, enhancing relationships, building psychological safety, strengthening team dynamics, or ten-folding creativity and innovation.

Instead of climbing the mountain, you'll learn to move the needle.

Every Sunday for the next 4 months, you will receive one crisp email from me.


one email - with one powerful story - and one eye-opening question

The way it works is simple.

There is only one requirement: to answer the question.

Not in your head. Not in your journal.

But by replying to the email and sharing your insight directly with me.

To surface the nucleus of your genius.

To move the needle on leadership.

To act on your inner whispers.


You'll have opportunities to connect with a trustworthy circle of powerful people seeking truth—those who check their ego at the door. A space to bare your heart and bring your all.


Sundays are a prime rejuvenating time, setting you up for a week of unmatched clarity. Leverage questions only you can understand. Make decisions only you can make.


This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.


It's for the committed, not the half-hearted. I stand on pro-activity. Every CEO plays the game of replying my questions, every single week, and turns self-reflection into action.

A wellspring rises up
from the source and bursts forward.

Imagine breaking new ground, where you grow as a leader like a river nourishes earth—bringing an unstoppable force for good that naturally ripples out across years to come.
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