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You’re a CEO who’s made the climb.
Your view over the land is unique; remarkable. Here, you feel called for more, to seek your furthest edge.

It’s outstanding how — at your level
success no longer depends on how high you can climb,
but on how deep you are willing to dive.



You and success go back like old friends. You know the business game. The make-or-break decisions. The thrill of going all-in. The purpose. The ambition. The hard work. The values. And the validation in the eyes of others. It’s all there. You don’t need me to tell you how to run your company. How to scale. How to make ripples in your market. That’s not why you’re here.


You're here because of what stirs within. A vision, for yourself and your company, that asks for more impact, liveliness, influence, affluence, and presence. More in a greater, wider sense—a powerful desire for expansion. But to get there, “intellectual reasoning, striving to be the best, working real hard, time management and leadership assessments” no longer make a difference.



You’re on the verge of accessing a new way of living and leading. Relying solely on raising your inner qualities and capacities. I know, it feels risky—that’s what clients tell me. But that’s how you’ll truly accomplish yourself as a human, leader and CEO. By daring to embrace your depth of being. This revitalizing leap that’ll make you merge with your true self, force, and tapping point.


That’s the game I play with CEOs.
Attuning to pleasure, peace, and performance.
I've seen it in many others before.
And now, I turn to you.

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I’ve walked the road of chasing the top and found it only to be a viewpoint over a far richer landscape. Now, I re-center CEOs. Not in a traditional sense—it feels more like elevating to a new realm. One where you nurture the life-long learner within and tap into your natural flow to carve a path to your highest vision, your highest self.

Hi. I’m Kévin.


One-sentence testimonials

“I’ve never been challenged or understood by anyone in the same way.”

“He helped me get away from the day-to-day hustle and back into the big picture.”

“Kévin’s ability to see through the bullshit we tell ourselves is extraordinary.”

“He took me to brilliant ideas that had not occurred to me before.”

“What I like most about Kévin is his energy. He’s very zen.”

“He never rushes things until the real questions to be addressed are brought to light.”

When we’re done—and during—you will attune to a different frequency.
You will give a new meaning to love, freedom, power, and courage.
It will be highly tangible to you. And everyone around you.

“People who experience greatness must have a feeling for the myth they’re in. They must reflect what is projected upon them.”

Financial Investment: FREE
On the surface, The Wellspring is a simple email. I write, you read. But then you respond. And so do 99 other thoughtful CEOs. What happens next is an unmatched coaching experience that rejuvenates your spirit, leadership, and business.

For 4 months, every Sunday—and in only 20 minutes—you’ll get high-caliber CEO coaching, and connect to the wisdom of visionary peers who explore the same path.

“Great leaders don't seek to lead. They're called to it. And they answer.”

Financial Investment: from $35,000 to $100,000
Working with me one-on-one means that you have unlimited free sessions until we start.
Why? Because I want to make sure that you are committed. That you’ve a glint in your eyes
and skin in the game. And that you’re driven by a clear aim that reaches far beyond yourself.
Who’s the leader you aspire to be? The one who steers your team towards a greater purpose? And what commitment do you need to make within you so this way of leading becomes second nature?

First we low-tide, then we high-tide.
This is not soul searching. It is not about finding, but redefining who you are.
In The High Tide, you turn to me with a vision. Not just any kind. The one that excites you in your wildest dreams and is even daunting to grasp.

Because who you are today is unlikely to be the version of you who realizes this dream. You’ll have to take a different approach and it flows through here.

“The sleeper must awaken.”

Financial Investment: Starting from $50,000
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