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You’re a CEO who’s made the climb.
Your view over the land is unique; remarkable.
Here, you feel the call for more, to seek your furthest edge.

It’s outstanding how—at your level—success no longer depends on how high you can climb, but on how deep you are willing to dive.

You and success go back like old friends. You know the game of business. The make-or-break decisions. The thrill of going all-in. The purpose, ambition, hard work, and values. The recognition in the eyes of others. It’s all there. You don’t need me to tell you how to run your company. How to lead. How to grow. How to scale. How to make ripples in your market. That’s not why you’re here.

You're here because of what stirs within. A pulling desire, for you and your company. A vision with more presence, fullness, impact, influence, and affluence. More in a greater, wider, higher sense—a call for transformation, radical expansion. But to get there, “thinking through, striving to be the best, putting in the hours and 360-degree assessments” will no longer make a difference.

You’re on the verge of a new possibility. Truly accomplishing yourself as a human, leader, and CEO. And doing so doesn’t have to take time and effort. Not if you trust and follow your stirring—there is a powerful energy within. A force to move wholeheartedly with high velocity, freedom, and flow. Naturally. Effortlessly. All it takes is you, daring to dive into your depth of being.

The CEOs I sit with attune to that higher frequency.
They feel it. Those around them too.
Now, I turn to you.

I chased the top and found it to serve only
as a viewpoint. From there, I entered a far richer land.

Now, I re-center CEOs. Not in a traditional sense—my clients tell me it feels like elevating to a new realm. One where you nurture the life-long learner within, and tap into your natural flow to carve a path to your highest vision, your highest self.

Hi. I’m Kévin.


“Questions are an art. But all the questions people ask are either speeches (somebody wants their five minutes of fame) or bad questions. There are very few good questions. Kévin asks great questions.”

Founder & Former CEO of TED (TED Conference)

Two options to work together.
For when you're ready.



“People who experience greatness must have a feeling for the myth they’re in. They must reflect what is projected upon them.”

On the surface, The Wellspring is a simple email. I write, you read. But then you respond. And so do 99 other highly committed CEOs. What happens next is an unmatched coaching experience that rejuvenates and strenghtens your business, leadership, and spirit.

For 4 months, every Sunday—and in only 20 minutes—you’ll get high-caliber CEO coaching, and connect to the wisdom of visionary peers who explore the same path.
Financial investment: free

A new way to win is calling. Letting go of the climb, and embracing the deep dive. You're pulled to point a piercing light right at your stirring—the space that reunites achieving and seeking. You’re committed to this leap. Together, we won’t find, but redefine who you are. In the end you will still be you, but anew.

Who’s the leader you still aspire to be?
What is the world you are called to create?
Away from “more of the same” and “what ifs”.

A higher creation that only you, as a CEO, can reach. A deeper aspiration only you, as a human, can touch. We connect and integrate both visions. 

You come here on the one condition that you do not have a “plan” or a “how to get there” road map. Here, we rely on your inner force to create a new reality faster than any business strategy can. You trust. Enter the space of openness. And let the answers naturally come to and through you.



“Great leaders don't seek to lead. They're called to it. And they answer.”

  • We won’t use any automated software, pre-recorded videos, DFY programs, online courses, Notion sheets, or AI chatbots. And we won’t follow any script or framework. No business or life tweak, tip, and trick unlike most coaching modalities. There will be only your spark, and mine.


    Logistically, you have two options. Both come with unlimited access to me throughout our collaboration. 

    OPTION 1 • Six to twelve months • Five-day intensive in person • On-demand coaching sessions 

    The most bespoke option of The Deep Dive starts in Bali, Indonesia. Here we meet for 5 days of coaching.

    It’s a curated journey. I handcraft it for you after a series of interviews with you and your loved ones. Designed for a time chamber effect, moving you through large pieces and unearthing gold in the space of hours and days as opposed to months or years. 


    These 5 days of full presence are designed for taking large leaps and arriving at astonishing insights. On a neurological and a heart level, it is unlike anything you’ve experienced. A catalyst for change. Following our journey, for up to a year, I champion you; I challenge you. Because you have to learn how to live with and integrate this new reality. 

    How long have you walked this earth with your stirring, your vision? And for how much longer are you going to walk without acting on it? If not now, then when? I’ll be there with you to see it becoming reality.

    OPTION 2 • Four months • Ten online sessions

    Session, breathe, integrate, session. That is the rhythm we follow in this option. You’ll have 10 high-caliber coaching moments with me that hold you to your highest standard. Each session is a breaking of new grounds and holds a sharp aim to bring it to life.

Financial investment: from US$35,000

“I came across CEO Coaching when I met Kévin in 2021. His words and the way he spoke fully resonated with me. He helped me unleash my potential.  My business is growing powerfully. I am as clear as I can be. If you are a CEO willing to face your own madness, contact him.”


Founder & CEO of BlueOcean BusinessClub

“I invested in Kévin’s high-level coaching expertise to move on with important decisions I had to make to pivot. He put me in front of my responsibilities. He asked me questions to access the correct answers that were already within me, quickly and efficiently. It was hard, but it was worth it.”


Founder & CEO of Kadokita

“At 40 years old, and after 10 years as CEO, I decided to re-challenge my ambitions. Kévin was recommended to be by another CEO (one of my best friends). Hiring him immediately led to convincing results in creating actions that accelerated the speed of my business growth.”


Co-Founder & CEO of La Belle Mèche

“I chose to be coached by Kévin because he came from a trusted recommendation (my company's Chairman). What I loved most about Kévin is that I am a spiritually-led CEO and could share and explore that openly with him without any judgment.”

Starkeeper MORTON

Founder & CEO of The Haven

“I choose to invest in working with Kévin for two reasons. His professional corporate background and his constant focus and desire to better understand the CEO's nature. Any CEO who wishes to improve themselves or their company should consider working with a CEO coach. Kévin is the best I’ve found.”

Requested anonymity

Founder & CEO of a Web4 Company

“Working with Kévin was nothing short of transformative. I have never been challenged or understood by anyone in the same way. He left no room for bullshit and created a loving space where I could fully open up and be myself. If you seek a seismic shift, Kévin will unlock it with no doubt.”

Dr. Mark COX

Co-Founder & CEO of Lumi

“In my first conversation with Kévin, I remember feeling like “WHOA!” I talk to many people, and no one ever said I was too comfortable being curious. So anytime someone makes me hit a wall like he did, I'm interested in going further. I entered that coaching path with him very quickly.”


Founder & CEO of Pick My Brain

“I’d like to relive the day I met Kévin through word of mouth. When I hired him, I had no idea how 2020 would have started a long inner journey that I thought was partly over. What a CEO needs, Kévin answers. He never rushes things until the real questions to be addressed are brought to light.”


Founder & CEO of Job Connexion

What will make you open the floodgate?

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”
© Kevin Fornier LP 2024
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