Coach for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Most people know me as a former Human Resources Manager at the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

I worked in a highly critical environment, recruiting and managing talents, and then developing their potential. I was known for making people empower their superpower by building trust and speaking to their souls.

My story goes back a long way. Because throughout my life, I've learned differently, I've thought otherwise.

From elementary to college, I used to excel without much effort. I have a track record of getting "straight A's" in everything I did, even being ahead of classes of my college Master's Degree. I was the "smart one." Meanwhile, I was a lonely guy, struggling to have friends. I suffered from being bullied and rejected during my childhood, especially by males.

In the corporate world, even if I was filling my passion by working with people, I was struggling. I believed I would always be seen as inexperienced or unacknowledged. I had no boundaries, continually saying yes to people's requests and always justifying myself when I was saying no. I became terrible at was I was doing because of one word. That word is "fear." Because of my fear of rejection, not being valued, respected, being good enough, and recognized for who I am.

Plus, I wasn't fulfilled. I didn't feel like belonging to the conventional "9-to-5" life and believed that there is more to life than what we've been told. After fighting depression (twice) and my addiction to weed, I decided to challenge my fears, empower myself, and go out of my comfort zone. In 2016, I left my job, bought a backpack and a plane ticket to Bali. I spent more than 1+ years traveling across Asia with no return ticket and no itinerary in mind, living the life!

I co-lived with a tribe that lives with its dead and visited sea nomads in Indonesia. I trekked for 3 weeks in Himalaya during winter to reach the 1st Everest Base Camp. I slept on the floor in the Philippines while visiting my family-in-law. I volunteered in Laos, teaching English to kids. I made a meditation retreat in a Thai Buddhist Monastery. Those are a few examples of what I experienced during my journey around the world. Meanwhile, I spent time traveling around myself, (re)discovering myself and (re)aligning myself to my purpose: to inspire, motivate and guide people to create miracles in their life & business.

Do you want to know the truth? Even if I have a purpose in my extraordinary life, I still have my struggles. I often have a voice in my head saying, "You can do it! What are you waiting for?" expecting magic results to come by itself. And underneath it, the hidden secret that drives is "I'm an imposter, I'm not competent enough to succeed." It doesn't matter the acknowledgment I get from the world, underneath it all I do well at doubting myself.

I'm brilliant in what I do, I'm a visionary, and I'm a lifelong learner. But there is a dark side to each of those traits. While people admire my ability for efficient moves, I have that inner feeling of being lazy and not committed to hard work. By being constantly stimulated by new ideas, it can be difficult for me to focus and stick to a decision. And by always looking for ways to improve myself, I somehow feel like I'm never ready.

However, today I take advantage of my strengths and weakness. How? I'm committed to being myself, genuinely authentic. I'm determined to stop doubting myself & to thrive in life and business. For a while now, I'm committed to overcoming what has been one of my biggest fear: to continually hold myself accountable for my own life by being an entrepreneur.

Today, I'm a coach. I make ambitious leaders & entrepreneurs act as if their success were guaranteed. They create miracles in their life & business in return. If you want it too (in ways that you don't even know yet) and sometimes feel that "I'm an imposter, and I'll be found out," which affects your daily self-confidence and self-discipline, then you and I should have a conversation.